Attacking, targeting someone 

Unnecessary content that can be primarily substance for any kind of violence will not be allowed. Disagreements may happen, but participants must have a respectful tone and try to move the conversation forward in an on-topic and constructive way. Sometimes this would result in agreements and disagreements. 

Confidential Info 

Confidential information shared in a one-on-one or group chat is not allowed. This includes negative reviews of listeners or group mods. Ex: If someone can identify who you are referring to, it is probably not a good idea to post it. 

Offensive content 

Inflammatory, racist, sexist, offensive, homophobic, transphobic, etc. posts are not allowed. Posting about the impacts of abuse, racism, sexism, etc. or seeking support on these topics is allowed. 

No Medication, Drug Etc.  

Giving medical advice is not permitted. Medication and drug names may be shared, but precise dosages or suggestions to take specific medications may not. This should only be done by professional therapists. 

Duplicate Posts 

Duplicate posts and threads, including posting the same thread in multiple categories, are not allowed. Please reach out to a forum mentor if you accidentally post multiple times or if you are unsure if your thread already exists somewhere else.

Personal info, Marketing, Surveys 

You are not allowed to share any personal information such as Contact details, Social Media networks, Email Accounts, Phone Numbers, or other  Winy accounts (e.g. posting your listener account name from your member account or vice versa). This includes links to surveys or pages that contain either personal contact information or a private messaging system. 

Non-Social Language 

Excessive Inappropriate or Graphic Language is not allowed, including cursing in thread titles, cursing at others, and cursing in excess within a  post. Trigger warnings should be included in thread-titles or beginning of body content where appropriate. 


Spam (posting multiple times, mass-tagging, posting about non Winy related topics such as surveys or for advertising purposes, making largely unreadable posts, etc.) is not allowed. 

Power of everything 

Refer to any additional guidelines that may apply to specific sub-communities or subforums. These can be found by clicking “Guidelines”  within a sub-community. 

For you to be Safe 

Be kind, but use common sense when interacting on the internet. Not everyone is who they say they are (have you seen the show Catfish? Yeah,  this happens). Maintain boundaries and guard your personal information and identity.  

When you see an inappropriate post 

You have the option to flag a post by clicking on the flag icon. The post is then reviewed by forum leaders and appropriate action is taken.


What is considered a crisis? 

A crisis is considered when you feel you may be a harm to yourself or others. If you are thinking about or planning to harm yourself you may be in crisis. Then you really should ask for help from your family members or friends or any Professional. 

Winy is not equipped to support crises. 

Please do not use this site In case of any crisis, danger, or suicidal condition. If you are in crisis please reach out to a crisis line for appropriate support. You can google them or find a few of them here:

Sneha India : +91-44-24640050 : +91-22-27546669

We realize that this can be a challenge for someone who is experiencing suicidal ideation as well as for the counselors. Please understand that at Winy we want the best for everyone, but need to set clear limits on what is and is not appropriate for anyone. We cannot handle talking about suicidal ideation. To ensure everyone is getting the support they need, we will always refer ANY suicidal talk to this page. Please be thoughtful of the language you use.