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How would you feel if you could have an expert to reach out to, talk to and have them as a partner to help you grow? Winy is the first most affordable data driven platform of its kind that works continuously for your mental health and supports you with best online talk therapies with video calls and chats. Create weekly goals, track and achieve them, get report all with the help of your personal counselor. Winy offers online counseling courses for mental wellness, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, breakups, parenting challenges and many more.

Create your complete profile, walk anonymously. Your personal information is safe with us

Get matched with the best counselor based on your profile.

Connect for at least a month. Rematch any time if needed.

Open up and share your story frankly. We are all ears to listen.

Get the best understanding and effective ways to improvise.

Get minimum 3 online video sessions in a month. Go for more if needed.

Engage withing the winy community of users and counselors. Share and help each other to grow.

Get the best understanding and improvise with the time.

Get weekly Improvement results. Feel the change on your own.

Benefits of Winy

More affordable sessions with a broad array of communication options as well as relatable peers and the option to rematch if needed


With 45 min to an hour of video sessions with Winy significantly more affordable in comparison to counseling online ( 1000+ INR / month ) or in-person with a certified professional.


Reach out to your counselor anytime. Counselors typically reply in a day or two of your messages. You can also discuss and share your stories, experiences, or queries within the Winy community on the platform and get the best solutions.


We give you the complete power to hide/show your personal information to others. Your counselors get to know your story and improvement report without providing any personal info.


It’s a completely secure platform. We follow strict GDPR policies and keep your data safe with us.

What others say

  • Client Image

    Winy is one of the best mental health awareness platforms on the web today. It is affordable and driven by a dedicated AI-system that found me my best counselor in literally no time! I was unsure about my mental wellbeing considering the fact that I was undergoing a long period of stress with a rising workload and the COVID-19 pandemic affecting my small business. But, Winy, helped me understand that I can truly achieve what I plan for without much hassle if I can understand the basic reasons behind my mental health issues. It is a great platform. I would recommend everyone to try this out at least once!

    • Simran Singh
  • Client Image

    I took up the complete course package that Winy provides, last month and it has greatly helped me to reduce the extra burden I brought upon myself by merely overthinking. I suffered from anxiety and had periodic panic attacks. I did not understand why until my counselor helped me through the journey with due diligence. Now I feel reformed beyond comparison. I am much more productive and dedicated to the important aspects of my daily life. I am happier at work and at home. All my family issues seemed to have dissipated away. I am incredibly satisfied by Winy. I hugely benefited from the sessions and the sessional reports sent alongside. If you sign up for the course, I am sure you will benefit from the learnings too!

    • Nishit Jain
    • Manager

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